What the critics say...

A Poignant Farewell With American Song (May 1, 2017 - The Boston Cecilia)

Boston Cecilia Celebrates Nativity With Music Old And New (December 3, 2016 - The Boston Cecilia)

Sweet Singers At Home In Jordan Hall (October 15, 2016 - The Boston Cecilia)


Boston Cecilia Continues Its Long Tradition With Handel And Mozart (October 15, 2016 - The Boston Cecilia)

Boston Cecilia Makes A Glorious Sound In Music For Double Choir (April 10, 2016 - The Boston Cecilia)

German Music For Double Choir (April 9, 2016 - The Boston Cecilia) 

Poulenc Works Fare Best In Mixed Program From Boston Cecilia (December 7, 2015 - The Boston Cecilia) 

 To Make Undying Music In The World (October 12, 2015 - The Boston Cecilia)

​The Czech-American Connection (October 19, 2014 - The Boston Cecilia) 

Mass in B Minor - J.S. Bach (March 21, 2014 - The Boston Cecilia)  

A Feast For All Souls (November 4, 2013 - The Boston Cecilia) 

From Earth To Heaven (March 16, 2013 - The Boston Cecilia) 

Press Quotes...

"Unashamedly beautiful, Nicholas White’s choral music makes you think about the function of music and how a composer decides on the rightness of its design. Unlike Rutter’s, White’s music never cloys ... It’s beautifully crafted, the manner of word-setting stemming very much from the English choral tradition… music that soothes more often than it challenges, while still stimulating the imagination as it nourishes the spirit. That the performances are so wonderful is a bonus... The corporate sound from the small one-to-a-part choir and accompanying strings is surprisingly lush and refulgent..." 
International Record Review ~ June 2007

"White's Anglican roots are readily apparent here, in gentle music of surpassing beauty and sacred sincerity...this composer certainly understands the appeal of soaring melody, lush harmony, and tender sentiment...White singers are consistently superb...they can perform anything with skill, assurance, gorgeous tone...The string ensemble also impresses.” 
American Record Guide ~ July/August 2007

  “...the very precise enunciation proved a blessing, as virtually every word of the choral sections was intelligible. The “Crucifixus” was passed from one area of the chorus to  another in a horrified whisper before everyone exploded into the “Et resurrexit.” The sound throughout was massive but pellucid, and White with his long-arcing phrases  built a hypnotic fervor, breaking the spell only with beautifully judged cadences.” 
 The Boston Globe March 2014 (J.S. Bach - Mass in B Minor)

  "I can't remember a more enjoyable evening of music making. For anyone who loves both instrumental and vocal chamber music, it was an evening of sheer  heaven in an acoustically ideal performing space. The sold-out audience went wild over both pieces." 
The Washington Post - February 2013 (The Raven)

  "...a rich and varied program...[In Sure and Certain Hope is] throughout rewarding to hear...[Nicholas White's] writing is consistently fresh and imaginative...The tone, blend,   intonation and diction" of the Consort are exemplary...The strings play with style and, when used, always integrate sympathetically with the voices.” 
Journal of the    Association of Anglican Musicians ~ May / June 2007

"...White is a talented and tuneful composer...There are many moments of great beauty and spinal chills on this recording." 
Audiophile Audition ~ April 2007

"The purity of tone, clarity of diction, and blended ensemble, are worthy of established groups that have sung together much longer...an impressive debut." 
Fanfare Magazine (Tiffany Consort CD "O Magnum Mysterium")

"...pure tone [and] textural transparency...This disc makes for an impressive introduction [to The Tiffany Consort]. The choral sound is bright, well blended and finely tuned...there's a sense of rhythmic unity to the singing... the singing is intimate, rapt and wondefully alive...A promising debut...the recording is flattering." 
Gramophone - September 2005

"...a handsome anthology...[Nicholas White's 'Magnum Mysterium'] is delightful as is the concluding 'Alleluia' and 'Hodie'...The eight voices [of Tiffany] are youthful, bright and clear, and the conductor has them modifying vocal color, arching phrases and milking suspensions with the best of them..." 
American Record Guide - July/August 2005

"The Tiffany Consort ...give splendid performances... memorable... accessible...this is a lovely offering...The members of the Tiffany Consort...exhibit well-supported voices, beautiful breath control, and a well-nigh ideal blend. The recordings have appropriate spaciousness..." 
Atlanta Audio Society - December 2004 

"Your entire CD is spectacular and your recording of my work is superb. Bravo..." 

Morten Lauridsen, Composer

"...renditions distinguished by their musicality and polish...exhilarating performances." 
The American Organist (The Amsterdam Bach: Pro Organo)

"White brought out the other-wordly intensity of the Messiaen..."
 The New York Times (Dieu parmi nous)

"...a passionate rendering of Monteverdi's Vespers of the Blessed Virgin(1610)."
 The New York Times (December 2004 performance)

"...and the pick hit of the whole CD, the Magnificat of...Nicholas White...a joyously contemporary reflection..." 
The Washington Times (The Washington Chorus CD "Glorious Splendor")